I was contacted by several buildings that the Fire marshalls office was wanting a dual locking Fire Depository Box installed in the building.
After looking for a solution no such box existed so I sat down and created one.

I found that every box needed the key tags and rings to go with it. as the tags were costing between 15 and 20 dollars each I found that I could make them cheaper and to the exact spec of the fire code. Now I can offer all parts of the box so you can get them all in one place .

Click link below for the code on FIRE  DEPOSITORY BOXES 
Click on link for 911 KEY BOXES 

The Box Measures 12" H X 15" W 4" D
The cost is $499.00 plus tax and shipping 

Key Tags
Standard tags are $8.50 Ea. Custom Tags are $10.50 Ea. plus tax and Shipping

All tages are Printed 3" x 1/2" color coded plastic.

Elevator Equipment Room (White)

Building Electrical Room (White)

Building Master (White)

Elevator Rooms (White)

Building Stairway Doors (White)

Building Mechanical Rooms (White)

Building Roof Access (White)

Fire Service Phase 1 (Red)

Fire Service Phase 2 (Red)

Elevator Car Door (Red)

Fire Service Phase 1 & 2 (Red)

Elevator Emergency Power Selector (Green)

Building Sprinkler & Standpipe Locks (Purple)

Elevator Inspection On/Off (Yellow)

Elevator Independent Sevice (Black)

Elevator Acess Panel (Orange)

Elevator Emergency Stop/Run (Orange)

These are the most commonly required tags needed to become complance. Others may differ from county to county and can be provided as needed acording to code.
Key Ring Sets
 Individually detachable keys ring sets are $15.00 Ea. Plus tax and shipping  
*keys not included
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