Our company was established in [1983] and had been responsible for providing outstanding Locksmith Service and products ever since. Our specialty is in the area of commercial and residential and now FIRE CODE COMPLIANCE Our regular customers particularly value Our ability to provide a complete locksmith package


A Little about how we started 

Hello my name is Jim Mazingo.
I have lived in the Houston Texas area for over 30 years.

 I started out working in a small key shop outside a Sears store, Where I learned the Basics about cutting keys.

 I decided it was a profession I wanted to  learn so I enrolled in the Locksmith Institute. After graduation I went to work for a local locksmith company as a service technician, doing both residential and commercial service work.

In the process, I gained valuable knowledge about access control, and electronic locking systems, and working with large and small master key systems.

 After 8 years of experience, I then went to work for a locksmith wholesaler distributer gaining knowledge in all aspects of both residential and commercial hardware and there applications. This gives me the ability to help my customers by being able to suggest the best type of hardware for their needs.

 With my extensive experience, I started to notice the need for knowledgeable and competent locksmiths in the Houston area.

 Therefore, I decided to go full force with Keyman Locksmith Service.

 One of the problems I found was communication between the locksmith and the customer.

Primarily in the commercial area as the locksmith keeps all the records of the key system.

If a problem arises It became difficult  to make a change as the locksmith has the records. So  if they changed  locksmiths no records were accessible to the new locksmith. I feel that the customer is entitled to the records.  I can understand a charge being made for it as it takes time and money to maintain and print it to be given to the customer but it should never be with held, after all it is your building or property that the records reflect.


My goals are to furnish: fast reliable, quality service to help make your job easier while maintaining the safety and security of your buildings with as little effort on your part as possible.